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Oct 15, Thoughts on the City

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“Whether one is an Easterner or a Westerner. (Middlewesterners, too, make the choice: people in Cleveland consider themselves Easterners, people in Kansas City know they are Western).”

—Edward Hoagland

“Thoughts on Returning to the City After Five Months On A Mountain Where the Wolves Howled.”

I love living in the city for the amazing sounds—the lulling of the steel freighters, carrying coal and soot to safety. The chill breeze underneath the bright patches of illuminated streets (the glowing torch-light bulbs reminding us our eyes can twinkle). I love these elements of urbanity, even the plane flying overhead, or most certainly inspiring are the sirens that sound off down the street when I’m sleeping—giving off the curious distinction of place—distance so immense. I hear engines and see screaming eagles all the same, remnants of this valley that once was. Such balance gives me and my city the opportunity to continue to grow and to help me peal back shapes of my past, bringing me to those lovely nights of cool summer and breathing pockets of people all scattered through the flat and inhabited Midwestern planes. I love these images in my head. Missing those houses.


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