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AUDIBLE: “Nostalchic” via Lapalux

In Audible on August 13, 2013 at 10:26 pm


In terms of music, the debut album from Essex’s Lapalux, aka Stuart Howard, could come at no better time. The 25-year-old U.K. lo-fi beatmusic producer gives the mighty electronic genre a dose of something fearless: a human element. While 2013’s “Nostalchic” may float you down a stream of memories, it’s not just the House-inspired drums in 4/4 time that makes this album unique.

In no way can you ignore the faces behind dim lighting that are seen throughout this album. By mixing erotic and at times, haunting vocal samples, slowed to render their dreamlike essence, the “Lap of Luxury” catches his listeners in an intricate web of fantasies and deceit. Creating a delicacy involves knowledge of your craft. After a few listens, you begin to hear the delicacy in this project, which comes no doubt from Howard’s expertise in music.

Already having completed new material with Busdriver, Lapalux is set to finish his tour in the United States before embarking on a European tour this fall.

The debut album from Lapalux, "Nostalchic"

Special cuts:

“Without You,” featuring the great voice of Kerry Leatham, “Swallowing Smoke” and “One Thing” featuring Jenna Andrews.

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