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“No-Win” and “In the Event of My Demise” by Tupac Shakur

In Nonfiction on October 10, 2013 at 7:47 am

September 12th marked the 17th anniversary of Tupac’s murder on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, NV. Almost two decades since Rap’s rawest poet was carried away by gun shots, his poetry remains stunning in its simplistic and genuine verse. “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” is a 72-poem collection that Pac scribed out in various notebooks from ages 19-25. Like his music, these handwritten pages reveal Tupac’s desire for love to extend from his art. The majority, deal directly with love–past, present and eternal. And still, I find myself re-reading two poems that are less than lovey.


(Dream poem)

Backed into a corner

alone and very confused

Tired of running away

My manhood has been abused

Not my choice 2 be so blunt

But u must fight fire with flame

I allowed myself 2 run once

and was haunted by the shame

if I must kill I will and if I must do it again

I would but the situation is a no-win

In the Event of My Demise

Dedicated 2 Those Curious

In the event of my Demise

When my heat can beat no more

I hope I die for a principle

Or a belief that I had lived 4

I will die before my time

Because I feel the shadow’s depth

So much I wanted 2 accomplish

Before I reached my Death

I have come 2 grips with the possibility

and wiped the last tear from my eyes

In the event of my Demise!

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