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Shy Girls “Still Not Fallin'” (remix) by Mandatory Bounce

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We are huge fans of Portland’s group Shy Girls, so we made a remix of their song “Still Not Fallin'” check it out here

Announcing the “#COLDESTWINTER” Collection by The Incorporated

In Current on December 9, 2013 at 9:17 pm


Last week, we launched our #COLDESTWINTER week, releasing new content everyday to correspond to our Winter 2014 “Coldest Winter” collection release. Originally written as the brand’s manifesto, “This Is The Incorporated” was transformed into a compilation video made up of footage spawning back to the early days of The Incorporated (circa 2010). The releases include our Flannels video lookbook and “RIP Pimp C” Sweatsuits with a video and track premiere for Spoon’s “Everything Slow.”

Here is the press release:

Portland, OR – December 4, 2013- The Incorporated Clothing returns with their sophomore collection for Winter 2013, entitled “#COLDESTWINTER.”

Following the release of their Spring/Summer 2013’s “Straight from the Slums of ’89 and ’90” collection, the Northwest brand returns to test the limits of traditional street/sportswear. The pieces embody the theme of American history juxtaposed with pop culture and the resulting influence on the youth of the 90’s.

#COLDESTWINTER is an illustration of what it means to be young, unheard and hungry.”

The first pieces released are printed vintage flannels each a unique fabric and pattern, with one of 3 designs on the back.  The references range from fine art to graffiti to war, but all center around the “new” founding fathers of society. 

Released in memory of Chad Butler, who died December 4th, 2007, the “RIP Pimp C” Sweatsuits are a response to the growing use and promotion of the “purple drank” culture and the lack of actual medical information that is available to the youth.  By putting it on a sweatshirt rather than a bottle, we can incorporate important health education into an on-trend street wear garment. 

#COLDESTWINTER began on Dec. 2, with new content released every day to reveal the various new pieces.  

These products and more will be available on Dec. 9th and available for order for the remainder of 2013.  The #COLDESTWINTER lookbooks and more information can be found at http://www.theincorporatedclothing.com.

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“Uptown,” Travi$ Scott ft. A$AP Ferg [prod. by WondaGurl]

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Big ups to Toronto’s Ebony Oshunrinde, aka WondaGurl, for sampling a bollywood track to make this upper echelon heater.

AUDIBLE: Don’t Sleep on the Kingdom

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A few months back I published an interview I did with Allan Kingdom and Franklin Bibiloni. Speaking with those cats was a lot of fun and I really believe in their philosophy. There’s no hiding the fact that Allan is blowing up right now. And he should be. Why? His new ep “Talk To Strangers” is catching mandatory rec. Check out the St. Paul native killing the game in his video for “UVAJE’D” directed by Checho Freire.

Reader Review: Eddie Huang Getting Fresh

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“We don’t wear chef coats, we wear Nikes, and Dipset is the anthem.”

The release of Eddie Huang’s 2013 Fresh Off The Boat couldn’t be timed better, as the second season of his show by the same name is set to premiere September 30th. When it comes to digital media, call the internet viral, overrated, or just plain lazy, but Huang makes his idiosyncratic slang-based voice bleed through the pages as if you were speaking with him. This is the only book I’ve read that has epigraphs by Cam’ron, Jada and footnotes that include multiple hashtags. Huang unabashedly speaks his mind regarding race, 1st and 2nd generation Americans, his dad’s motto of “figuring it out,” and of course, food. Lots and lots of food. While you may know Huang for his hilarious and entertaining food/travel series, “Fresh Off the Boat,” he is a writer who completely grasps style and rules. Sure, some of the writing comes across as something you could be reading on the internet, but make no mistake about it, all of his quirky recollections and epiphanies about Jonathan Swift, hip-hop, love and basketball sit perfectly in the binding of this 276-page memoir. Image

This book is chalk-full of quotables. I’ve grabbed some to give you a taste:

  • “Chuck E. Cheese was for mouth breathers and kids with Velcro shoes. ‘I want to go where they have the best soup dumplings!’”
  • “Working in a law firm was not for me…While other associates competed on billable work trying to climb the ladder, I got high and took Major Abshed around the city.”
  • “Asians are funny; we can take anything and repackage it for your inner eight-year-old.”

And if Huang’s closing words aren’t the proof I don’t know what pudding you’re eating: “WEOUTCHEA” (272).

Does the future strikes fear in your heart? If so, leave Huang’s tales of FOBs making it in America at the door. This guy speaks the truth. Huang proves that in regards to success, parents don’t always matter as much as you.  It’s possible to make it in this world without the suit-and-tie job and Huang walks you through his story that eventually led to him opening his own restaurant, Baohaus in New York. This memoir is written for like-minded people interested in the progression of their passions, AKA dope shit. Read this book and make sure to check out the season two premiere of “Fresh Off The Boat!” Stay up Eddie, and dun, no bullshit, get me a job at VICE? Image

An introduction to the Rose City Circle

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The Incorporated’s 15 Cents: An Introduction to the Rose City Circle

There’s more to this city’s fashion scene than what Brownstein or Armisen rock on Portlandia. Yes, not everyone wears horn-rimmed glasses and carries a separate bag for their bowling shoes. A few months back, this notion of ‘the other side of Portland fashion’ and its lack of exposure powered a few like-mined entrepreneurs into action. After some key contacts had been exchanged, four of Portland’s top streetwear apparel brands were scheduling weekly meetings in preparation to combine their forces for something exclusive, something big. Now, we at The Incorporated are pleased to announce to official kickoff event of the newest clothing collective to hit the streets of Portland.

In conjuncture with Portland Fashion Week, Rose City Circle will be hosting an evening at Harlem PDX on September 12. Following an exclusive VIP networking event for handshakes and introductions, doors will open to the public with guest DJ sets.

Did we mention there will be raffles with giveaway gear from each brand?

Together, Rose City Circle is Triibe Movement, The Incorporated, Bullē Classic and The Creators. While each brand brings a unique approach to apparel design, RCC’s goal is to combine resources and further cultivate themselves as the other side of PDX fashion. Oh, and of course host dope events for lovely people.

WHO? Triibe Movement, The Incorporated, Bullē Classic and The Creators
WHAT? An Introduction to the Rose City Circle
WHEN? Sept 12th, VIP Event 6-9pm, general admission 9-2am
WHERE? Harlem PDX (220 SW Ankeny St., Portland, Oregon 97204


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