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Shout out to The Nature of Words. My travel essay, “Zagora and Beyond” won the 2013 Rising Star Creative Writing competition for literary nonfiction, ages 19-25. This essay will be featured in the 2013 Anthology.

Announcing the “#COLDESTWINTER” Collection by The Incorporated

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Last week, we launched our #COLDESTWINTER week, releasing new content everyday to correspond to our Winter 2014 “Coldest Winter” collection release. Originally written as the brand’s manifesto, “This Is The Incorporated” was transformed into a compilation video made up of footage spawning back to the early days of The Incorporated (circa 2010). The releases include our Flannels video lookbook and “RIP Pimp C” Sweatsuits with a video and track premiere for Spoon’s “Everything Slow.”

Here is the press release:

Portland, OR – December 4, 2013- The Incorporated Clothing returns with their sophomore collection for Winter 2013, entitled “#COLDESTWINTER.”

Following the release of their Spring/Summer 2013’s “Straight from the Slums of ’89 and ’90” collection, the Northwest brand returns to test the limits of traditional street/sportswear. The pieces embody the theme of American history juxtaposed with pop culture and the resulting influence on the youth of the 90’s.

#COLDESTWINTER is an illustration of what it means to be young, unheard and hungry.”

The first pieces released are printed vintage flannels each a unique fabric and pattern, with one of 3 designs on the back.  The references range from fine art to graffiti to war, but all center around the “new” founding fathers of society. 

Released in memory of Chad Butler, who died December 4th, 2007, the “RIP Pimp C” Sweatsuits are a response to the growing use and promotion of the “purple drank” culture and the lack of actual medical information that is available to the youth.  By putting it on a sweatshirt rather than a bottle, we can incorporate important health education into an on-trend street wear garment. 

#COLDESTWINTER began on Dec. 2, with new content released every day to reveal the various new pieces.  

These products and more will be available on Dec. 9th and available for order for the remainder of 2013.  The #COLDESTWINTER lookbooks and more information can be found at http://www.theincorporatedclothing.com.

This post was originally published on Eyes & Edge.com.


“Luv Me” by schwarzfahrer

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Even though Hot Records Société members Javi & Art Vandelay just released their “Rizamos” project, I am throwing it back to the Jive Turkey tape to let this “Luv Me” track by schwarzfahrer breath…

Oct 15, Thoughts on the City

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“Whether one is an Easterner or a Westerner. (Middlewesterners, too, make the choice: people in Cleveland consider themselves Easterners, people in Kansas City know they are Western).”

—Edward Hoagland

“Thoughts on Returning to the City After Five Months On A Mountain Where the Wolves Howled.”

I love living in the city for the amazing sounds—the lulling of the steel freighters, carrying coal and soot to safety. The chill breeze underneath the bright patches of illuminated streets (the glowing torch-light bulbs reminding us our eyes can twinkle). I love these elements of urbanity, even the plane flying overhead, or most certainly inspiring are the sirens that sound off down the street when I’m sleeping—giving off the curious distinction of place—distance so immense. I hear engines and see screaming eagles all the same, remnants of this valley that once was. Such balance gives me and my city the opportunity to continue to grow and to help me peal back shapes of my past, bringing me to those lovely nights of cool summer and breathing pockets of people all scattered through the flat and inhabited Midwestern planes. I love these images in my head. Missing those houses.


Anaconda, Mo

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Anaconda, Mo

Psymun So Heartsick

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Psymun So Heartsick

Infinite Daps to the Minneapolis fam Psymun for dropping “Dead Albatross” with the homie Chester Watson. This is my favorite track off his new EP, “Heartsick.” Go check that shit out y’all.

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